Run the Bluegrass Training


Run the Bluegrass Training, Week 1

Monday, 12/8 – rest

Tuesday, 12/9 – 3.05 miles (11:14 avg pace)

Wednesday, 12/10 – rest

Thursday, 12/11 – 3.1 miles (10:52 avg pace)

Friday, 12/12 – rest

Saturday, 12/13 – 3.02 miles (11:02 avg pace)

Sunday, 12/14 – unplanned rest thanks to post-party hangover (moved my long run to Monday)

I’m excited for Run the Bluegrass to be my next half. Despite unfavorable weather conditions last year and a tough course elevation-wise, I think it will be fun. I’m looking forward to a smaller race than the one I ran in Chicago, and one of the most appealing things about this race is the communication. Eric, the director for Run the Bluegrass, is perhaps the most accessible and transparent race director I’ve encountered or heard about. I don’t expect to hit my 2:30:00 goal at this race, but I do plan to PR, drink a lot of bourbon, and eat some delicious food.

Run the Bluegrass Training, Week 2

Monday, 12/15 – 5.02 miles (10:57 avg pace)

Tuesday, 12/16 – 3.69 miles with 3 x 20 second strides + 2:00 recovery (11:56 avg pace)

Wednesday, 12/17 – barre3 class

Thursday, 12/18 – 4.48 miles with 3 x 20 second strides + 2:00 recovery (11:50 avg pace)

Friday, 12/19 – rest

Saturday, 12/20 – 4.05 miles (12:21 avg pace)

Sunday, 12/21 – rest (instead of 6-mile planned long run)

I didn’t really notice any pain until Saturday, but that run was hard. My shins and calves felt tight and sore the entire time, even with a long dynamic warm-up and a mid-run stop to stretch. Since Saturday, I’ve been icing, elevating, wearing compression sleeves, and foam rolling. This week will be a little lighter between these !*#&@($& shin splints (again, my own damn fault) and the holidays. I’m planning to run a couple miles (12:00 per mile or slower) on Tuesday, take Wednesday off, and resume normal running on Christmas (4 miles slow and easy with strides).

Run the Bluegrass Training, Week 3

Monday, 12/22 – rest

Tuesday, 12/23 – rest

Wednesday, 12/24 – rest

Thursday, 12/25 – attempted run/walk (covered about 2.5 miles) but continued shin/calf pain

Friday, 12/26 – rest

Saturday, 12/27 – rest

Sunday, 12/28 – rest

All in all, not my best week and I felt pretty bummed about it. I’m trying to look on the bright side and remember that shin splints typically just need rest. I also increased my mileage too quickly (at least that’s my guess) and I’m paying the price now. Honestly, I should know better by now!

Run the Bluegrass Training, Week 4

Monday, 12/29 – rest

Tuesday, 12/30 – rest

Wednesday, 12/31 – barre3 class. Holy cow, I was so sore after this class. My glutes and quads felt this until Saturday.

Thursday, 1/1 – 2.24 miles run/walk. I had to get back out there to start 2015 off on the right foot (so to speak). Perfect weather for it too!

Friday, 1/2 – rest

Saturday, 1/3 – rest

Sunday, 1/4 – rest

Run the Bluegrass Training, Week 5

Monday, 1/5 – 3.02 miles (11:15 average pace). I was traveling on Monday and Tuesday, and it was warm. I had the opportunity to try out my new NiteIze gear, and I love it. I look forward to sharing a full report soon.

Tuesday, 1/6 – 3 miles (11:35 average pace). I ran on a paved (but hilly) greenway trail, and it was so nice. The greenway in Columbus is currently covered in snow and ice and is about 40 degrees colder – no joke.

Wednesday, 1/7 – rest

Thursday, 1/8 – rest

Friday, 1/9 – 3 miles (11:52 average pace, treadmill). Guys, the gym was packed. Usually Friday around 5 p.m. it’s dead at the gym. Ah, the new year. I ran today instead of Thursday due to a stomach bug.

Saturday, 1/10 – 5 miles (13:10 average pace). This run was cold, snowy, and icy. To be honest I probably wouldn’t have gone out on this day to run if it wasn’t for having the accountability! I couldn’t bear the idea of running on the treadmill again so I bundled up and headed out.

Sunday, 1/11 – deep stretch yoga class

I plan to continue with icing, stretching, and wearing compression sleeves to make sure my shin splints don’t flare up again. Can’t wait to get started on week 6 of training!

Run the Bluegrass Training, Week 6

Monday, 1/12 – 3 miles (12:02 average pace). I’m still not a fan of running on the treadmill. I spent most of this run watching ESPN’s coverage for the Oregon vs. Ohio State game and listening to country music on Spotify.

Tuesday, 1/13 – 3.08 miles (11:29 average pace). I struggled with this run, especially the pacing. I was all over the place – 10:22, 12:44, 11:31 – mostly due to bridges and ice. I was also feeling under the weather with some sinus issues.

However, I was pretty excited to rock this awesome visor from Jes! It worked perfectly, and it’s a nice break from wearing sunglasses.

Wednesday, 1/14 – rest. More sinus issues so I decided to forego the barre3 class.

Thursday, 1/15 – 3.46 miles (12:12 average pace). Three miles + strides. I felt alright on this run but I have a hard time getting into a good mental groove on weekdays unless I run after work. My favorite part of this run were the strides. It feels good to move faster sometimes.

Friday, 1/16 – 60-minute vinyasa yoga class at Thank Yoga. I’ve been lax about spending time on my mat, but Classpass should help with that.

Saturday, 1/17 – 6.16 miles (12:12 average pace). I felt GREAT! It helps that it was sunny and 46º, which is practically a heat wave here. (Honestly, I feel like Columbus was a groundhog on Saturday. Everyone just kept talking about how beautiful the weather was. Guys, it is sad when we’re thrilled with a glimmer of sunshine and weather above freezing. Can I just put that out there?) Anyway, I felt awesome on this long run, despite being pretty sore from yoga the day before. The last two weeks of easy running that Jesica incorporated into my training plan has helped immensely. I feel much more ready to tackle further distances and some spadework in the coming weeks.

Sunday, 1/18 – 55-minute Lagree Fitness fundamentals class at The Butcher Shop. Beware any class offered at a place called The Butcher Shop. I was introduced to the torturous device known as the Megaformer.

Are you currently training for anything? Tell me about it!