Food Prep, Running Shoes, and Good Reads


Those who know me well know that this t-shirt was basically made for me.

Since I’ve been running a lot in the evenings after work, we’ve been upping our food prep game. Basically each Sunday I take a look at Pinterest, put a grocery list together, head to the grocery store, and then make a bunch of meals for the week. It sounds like a lot but it only ends up taking me about 3-5 hours, and then all of my cooking is basically done for the week.

Food prep isn’t for everyone – especially people who don’t enjoy leftovers.

This week I’m making a giant batch of meatballs and sauce (meatball subs for Sunday supper ftw!), this creamy white bean stew with spicy greens, baked artichoke squares, chicken quinoa bowls with veggies, and hardboiled eggs.

Here are a few tips for making food prep easy:

  • Prep like ingredients all at once. Since all of the meals I’m making have a base of onions and garlic, I chop and mince all at once and put into medium-sized prep bowls. That way I can take a break, wash the cutting board and knife, and move onto the next major steps.
  • Make meals that can freeze. Sometimes I end up with more meals than we need, and this will probably be one of those weeks. I’ve been making meatballs and sauce since I was a kid, and they freeze very well – and it makes for an easy meal to thaw out during a busy week when I don’t have time to prep.
  • Assess your containers ahead of time. When you make a week’s worth of meals all at once, you’re going to need storage. I try to pre-pack at least one day’s worth of lunches on Sunday so that Monday is easy. I really like glass storage containers like Pyrex and Snapware since they can microwave easily at the office, and I don’t stress out about getting poisoned by my plastic.

Do you food prep, or do you like to make fresh meals every day? I get the appeal of that, but it doesn’t work for my schedule or sanity. If you’re just getting started with meal prep, I highly suggest checking out Gabby’s round-up on meal planning. She’s a gluten-free blogger but has lots of great ideas.

I’m looking forward to this week! (Especially now that most of my cooking is done.) I have a lot of fun things scheduled, including a women’s running night at Columbus Running Company with Brooks. As I mentioned, I’m considering some new running shoes. I’m curious to try out Brooks Ghost, though I also have my eye on Saucony Ride. Any suggestions for running shoes I’ve run in New Balance, Asics, and Nike – still looking for the right shoe for my wide feet and high arches. I don’t under- or overpronate, so I typically go for neutral shoes.

I also wanted to share some great posts I read over the last few days.

  • Andrea (the first friend I made in Columbus when I moved here back in 2010) recently shared why she is dropping the runner label. It’s a tough decision, and I have felt this way at times too. The two most important things about this are finding healthy activities that you do love and knowing that you can always return to running.
  • I’ve been reading Heather‘s blog for a couple of years, and she’s one of the only “healthy living bloggers” I still read. Why? Because she keeps it real.
  • Jason of Strength Running is a great resource for preventing running-related injuries or coming back from an injury. He recently had guest expert Mike Young weigh in on preventing and treating shin splints.

Feel free to share a link you recently loved in the comments – I’m always looking for new stuff to read.