Tips To Make Your Workout More Fun

It is often difficult to get motivated to workout, but with some simple workout tips, exercising can become easier and more fun to do. First of all, in order to be properly motivated, you have to make sure the exercises you are doing are fun and enjoyable for you. Try buying new sportwears to improve motivation! For example, you can shop these gorgeous white leggings from Legging Bay. Any kind of...

Food Prep, Running Shoes, and Good Reads

Those who know me well know that this t-shirt was basically made for me. Since I’ve been running a lot in the evenings after work, we’ve been upping our food prep game. Basically each Sunday...

5 Cold Weather Running Tips

Considering the weather dropped from the 60s early in the week to mid-30s by the end, it seems perfectly appropriate to talk about cold weather running. Winter is not just coming, folks. It’s here....
Hello! My name is Jess. I started this blog to keep me accountable and consistent in running, and I run to relieve stress, fit into my pants, and enjoy the outdoors. A few things: If I could, I would eat pizza everyday. I currently live + work in California. Happy reading!

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